Mods and Tips for Software and Electronics

Run Windows 11 on Chromebook

Here is how to run Windows 11 on a Chromebook. Surprisingly, it boots with the help of Linux Beta (Crostini) on Chromebook. Although Windows 11 was just leaked, we can already run Windows 11 on a Chromebook.

Play Portal on Android

Want to play Portal on Android? It's really easy to play portal on Android thanks to the work of developer nillerusr. The developer has ported source engine to non-nvidia devices so that we can play portal and half life 2 on any Android device.

Play Steam Games on Chromebook

How to play Steam games on Chromebook using the new Linux beta. It's surprisingly easy to do thanks to an official script from Chrome OS developers which installs all the files and packages to install Steam on a Chromebook.

Recover Wifi Password Android

This tutorial is how to recover wifi password Android. It will show you an easy way to recover a wifi password for a network you already connected to with your android phone.